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Longlasting Marketing Tool

Do you want to be remembered by your clients long after the sale or purchase their home? Do you want them to look favourably on you for helping them deal with the hassle of moving? Send your clients the gift of custom branded moving boxes in the form of a kit, designed specifically for the size of their home, and complete with moving and packing accessories. Sending your clients moving kits with your branding is a great way to create that special emotional connection… one that will be remembered for years to come. This is one of best forms of marketing that you could ever do – one with a tremendous ROI for years to come. Bring back old customers, and get referrals from anyone who sees or handles one of your custom branded moving boxes.

We can create custom printed and branded moving boxes and drop-ship them to your clients on your behalf. It’s simple, quick and iexpensive.

Input your information, your tagline, clients names and images of their new or old homes.  Personalize it with memorable phrases like “Celebrating Your New Life Adventure.” Personalization is very flexible. It’s almost like crafting, except it’s on a beautiful white moving box, complete with all the moving instructions pre-preprinted on the flaps.

The great thing about branded moving boxes is that at least a few of the boxes tend to be held on to for a long time, and provide a constant memory of the move and your brand.

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